Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dying for yarn!

I've been having a lot of fun over the past 2 weeks dyeing yarn in my crock-pot with Wilton Icing colors.
My first set of yarns were 100% Merino wool from Knit Picks "Color Your Own" line.

My daughter Jul-lys named them all with the exception of "Beach Plum". SHe called that one "Garden", but once I started knitting it up the colors reminded me of the Bach Plums my grandmother used to make jam out of every fall.
 The Zoo
 The Forest
 Beach Plums
 The Jungle

I knitted a hat, scarf and wrist warmer set from the Beach Plum yarn.

In the crock pot right now are 2 skeins of yarn I just finished spinning. It's 50% wool, 35% Mohair, and 15% Angora. I'm wondering how they're going to turn out... The first skein was 3 ply and I dyed it yellow and then added some burgundy just in spots. It was really dark, but SO pretty. The second skein is only 2 ply, and I added it to the dye pot well after the other, mostly to soak up the extra color left in the water. Just waiting now for the water to be clear so I can turn off the pot and let it cool down.

Off to start spinning some Alpaca for a very nice lady. She felt it was high time her critters started to contribute some money to their upkeep; so, I'm spinning her some yarn and she's letting me keep a quantity of the fiber in exchange. There's nothing like free fiber :-)