Monday, July 4, 2011

Tour de Fleece and the last few weeks...

Hi All!

Happy Independence Day!

Lots going on over the past few weeks. First I had a craft fair at the Old Town Arts & Crafts Guild on Saturday.  I pulled an all-nighter getting ready painting spindles and sold a shawl and a skein of art-yarn; which covered the cost of the day.

Jul-lys started out the first day of summer vacation at 10am saying "I'm bored..." I cringed at those words as that we have the whole summer to get through... SO I started her spinning :-) The child is already a wiz at the drop spindle so we've moved on to the Babe wheel. SHe can't wait until the Sequoia gets here... she's already laid claim to the Babe...

I've started the "Tour de Fleece" spinning project. The main purpose is to spend some time each day spinning as the cyclists bike through the Tour de France. SO far I have a skein of core-spun art yarn, a skein of wonderful baby alpaca / bombyx silk plied with mohair, another bobbin full of each of those as well as a bobbin full of great alpaca that my friend Jen gave me.
Core-spun and alpaca, silk, mohair blend

I'm about to finish plying the alpaca / silk with the mohair, and finish spinning the other alpaca; then on to spinning some orange roving for my friend Jama of Southard Farms.

Oh, I almost forgot! I have a wonderful find that I bought over the weekend... 
It's missing the minor's head but I'm hoping that will be easy enough to find; if not I'll have to figure out something and make one. I really can't wait to get it in working order and start spinning on it. 

Well, off to go ply some yarn... Goodnight all!